Sunday, September 21, 2008

date day

1 day overdue

My husband and I get restless yesterday and decide to venture out on an all day date. We go to our favorite bagel place for breakfast and then to Borderland State Park for an hour and a half walk. It is a beautiful fall day, much like the day at Borderland three years ago when I first knew he was "the one." 

The first picture is from three years ago and the second one is from yesterday. I find it funny that I am pretty much wearing the same sweatshirt, only this time I have another person hiding under it! A lot has changed (and grown) in three years. 

There's one thing that hasn't changed, though. He's still the one.

After going home for a long nap and a hot shower, we finish off our date walking around Faneuil Hall in Boston and then to the North End to our first date restaurant. It is a wonderful meal and a wonderful day. I consciously make a point to cherish these "just us" moments because I know days like this one are numbered. I also recommit to being patient waiting for our little late one to arrive, which is much easier said than done.

Truthfully, I'm still working on that one.

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The Power Family said...

What a great way to spend the day! Good for you that you are cherishing these last few days with just the 2 of you. I find myself wishing I had done more of that. It's just completely different now, a good different, but completely different :) I forget now how I stumbled across your blog (from TheNest maybe?) but have been reading it the last month or two. Good luck with everything!